The Autumn 2020 season exhibitions programme at Tashkeel begins with a solo exhibition by Chafa Ghaddar. This is the first solo exhibition in the UAE by Chafa Ghaddar and the third and final public outcome of the 2018/19 Tashkeel Critical Practice Programme (CPP). Chafa Ghaddar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA), Lebanon. She received The Boghossian Foundation Prize for Painting in 2014. Chafa has been a member of Tashkeel since 2016 and previously exhibited at Tashkeel in group exhibitions ‘Made in Tashkeel 2018’. She is currently developing her first permanent and public art commission curated by Amanda Abi Khalil as part of A.I.R. Dubai Programme 2017 in collaboration with Art Dubai, Tashkeel and Dubai Culture & Arts Authority. As part of the Critical Practice Programme, Chafa was mentored by arts writer Kevin Jones and artist, critic, and educator Jill Magi. The exhibition captures Chafa Ghaddar’s current experimental investigations informed by fresco, a historical technique that she started studying in 2012 while in Florence, Italy. The works problematise the fresco technique and defy its primary principals and historicity by challenging the wall and the idea of completion. Bodies and surfaces are invaded, contaminated, penetrated and ‘worked on’ by different materials and phenomena. Combining paper, painting, fresco and other media, the works are viewed as a territory of a skin offering the viewer an intimate and challenging experience of touch, colour, texture and material. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue and a public programme of workshops and talks.

About the Critical Practice Programme (CPP)

The Tashkeel Critical Practice Programme (CPP) was established in 2014. CPP 2018/19 is the fifth edition. CPP offers sustained studio support, training, critique and production of up to one year for practicing contemporary visual artists living and working in the UAE. Each artist’s programme is carefully constructed around their practice and/or research areas. Tashkeel identifies up to two mentors to both build, challenge and guide each participant. The outcomes of their journeys are presented at Tashkeel. Chafa Ghaddar joins CPP alumni Afra Bin Dhaher, Vikram Divecha, Hadeyeh Badri, Raja’a Khalid, Lantian Xie, Debjani Bhardwaj, Jalal BinThaneya, Silvia Hernando Álvarez. The current cohort of the 2020 Critical Practice Programme is Mays Albeik, Hamdan Buti Al Shamsi, Hind Mezaina, Nora Zeid.



22 September - 25 October 2020
Tashkeel Studio and Gallery & ContemporaryIdentities International Art Magazine-Gallery

About Recesses

What if frescoes lost confidence?

The works in this exhibition display fresco as process. Here, I problematise this historical technique and question its principles. In particular, I employ the giornata – the mark of how much painting can be done in a day, usually concealed in standard fresco practice ­– as a finality, a permanent and visible mark. Therefore, a territory of a new skin arises repeatedly. My actions revive a deep desire to paint, to spend time with colours and texture and vitally immerse myself in the materials. ‘Recesses’ demands to be experienced intimately. You walk into the show and you touch meaning without touching anything.

 Chafa Ghaddar


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