Lusk Dizehan

Lusk Dizehan // 06 ("Perpetual movement" in Breton, Brittonic language spoken by around 200,000 people)

Lusk Dizehan was born in 2016 and is an anthology of my best shots taken especially during my travels. Nude photos were also dedicated to this evolving collection which would later grow and be enriched over the years thanks to the use of different devices (digital and film), as well as different techniques and themes. The Lusk (movement) is what makes me happy because our bodies are fundamentally made to move. With the advent of technology - especially in the past two decades - more and more people, including myself, tend to spend more and more time working and wandering around with computers and all kinds of devices in their hands, their ears and their minds. As a result, we find ourselves becoming more static and we forget about one of the things that matter most in life. Lusk. Dizehan ("without break" or "perpetual") is the movement towards death. Dizehan is the movement of our body and our mind, of technological progress, of our desire to live, of my desire to seek meaning. I'm trying to find a framework that makes sense, that allows me to understand and decipher our societies and our behaviors in a certain way. An emotion crystallized in a photograph. The name of this exhibition is a tribute; a nod to the region where I was born. It is a region where the old language is sometimes heard by those who have the ability to understand, observe and find an interest in things that are not necessarily obvious. Sometimes you have to push yourself, go beyond the known and find an interest in things that- at first glance- are inconspicuous. Photography, in fact, can be full of the inconspicuous - seeing what is hidden, uncovering “the extraordinary” in ordinary scenes and developing, or rather preserving, what was given to us as a child: curiosity.

Photography is an activity that requires techniques, materials (usually expensive), time, and motivation. To be "good," "new," or "interesting," you need to find a style, not only consciously, but also naturally, if not accidentally. I always try to find the best framing, the one that makes sense to me. I have a visual heritage and my own rules that I’m not always “aware” of. Find your style and be identifiable, whether in music, photography or any artistic expression. I'm not going to tell you that I reached this last step, the one that each photographer must achieve to be identified. You are your own judge. I am the doer, and I will keep on doing. I will continue to kneel on the ground to find the right perspective, and I will continue to press the button. I will continue. Move. Lusk. I also like the word Lusk because it reminds me of the word “Lust”. Lust is sometimes necessary to chase an image... It also reminds me of the stupid, but charismatic, smile of Iggy Pop (a grandfather always on the move) on the cover of his album "Lust for Life," recorded with David Bowie in Berlin more than 40 years ago.

Klez Brandar*

*Klez Brandar is a photographer and traveler based in Prague, Czech Republic. 


Lusk Dizehan: A Solo Photography Exhibition By Klez Brandar

5 January 2021-19 January 2021

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