"Matter"-Solo Exhibition-Adam Magyar

Curated by Zoltán Somhegyi

5th April-19th April 2021

Sometimes the seemingly most insignificant moments and disregarded details can describe our everyday life the best. Particular events, noteworthy happenings, and special occasions, of course, remain central points in our personal memory and thus identity too. However, the average flow of time, with its constant rhythm, defines us just as much as the exceptional moments and milestones of our life. This is particularly observable when this otherwise unnoticed – or often even annoying and frustrating – daily routine gets interrupted, especially if it happens for a longer period, which triggers us to think of what we have not thought of at all before.                  Ádám Magyar has passionately investigated the contemporary urban reality in his various series that he created in dense metropolises all over the world. Being an avid observer, he has also become a collector of those moments and details that we usually do not care for, e.g., the passage between two points, the “lost” time spent on commuting traffic or walking through a square, taking the escalator, etc. He has developed the technological means for registering the visual data coming from these scenes in a way that is completely different than in our everyday perception. This unusuality is manifested in various forms, like seeing only the moving people but not their context, or, in other series, just the contrary, being able to identify only the fixed elements but not perceiving the moving persons, or the extreme slowing down of a few short seconds while a metro arrives at the station, or even creating an unnatural, engineer-like perspective and sterile rendering of a metro wagon.In the artist’s words: “The works feel like depicting surreal memories of a world when these moments were negligible everyday moments of life that we never cared of.” In the light of our shared experience of lockdowns from the last months, Ádám Magyar’s artworks may not only serve as aesthetic reminders of our complex and ambiguous everyday reality but can help us in re-evaluating and understanding several further aspects, moments, and details of our lives better.         

Zoltán Somhegyi                                                                                                                                                                                                 Art Historian                                                                                                                                                                                                      Curator of the exhibition





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