Soheil Hosseini

Soheil Hosseini is an Iranian graphic designer, painter and researcher. He was born in 1988 and studied at the College of Fine Arts, Tehran, which is the most notable art academy in Iran, where he obtained his diploma in art & design. He pursued his B.A in Graphic Design in the School of Art and Architecture in Azad University, Tehran, Iran (2007-2013). Soheil is a founder and director of Tehran Studio. He is also is a graphic designer and art consultant for The Music Center (Tehran) and the technical director for Tehran School’s Publication, Magham Magazine and Gozar Magazine. Being one of the most distinguished graphic designers in Iran, Soheil’s work has been featured in numerous festivals and congresses in Iran including Fajr Festivals, Omid, Golden knot and Children's Theater. Currently he is the Editor and Graphic designer at Tehran Studio Book.

Tell us about your current practice.

These artworks featured here are the result of one year of concentrating in my new project. It is not a new thing in general, but it is new to me. I have provided these artworks for two duet exhibitions with one of the most well-known Iranian artists, Mr. Kambiz Derambakhsh. One is named OWL LAND and the other one is named SALAD with an 8-month delay in between. The first one was a collection of 60 paintings of owls in different techniques and sizes. And the second one was a series of artworks in different subjects in the style. Collaborating with Mr. Derambakhsh was a great learning experience for me.

I noticed that a lot of your works, which are not featured here in this issue, utilizes digital technique. Can you tell us about your interest in the digital medium?

In the Iranian art market, digital technique is not popular yet but I believe this challenge should be solved. The main reason that the collectors are scared of purchasing digital art or maybe not interested in it is because of their lack of knowledge about the background of this technique. Therefore I create my artworks using traditional painting materials with the emphasis on digital painting techniques; I believe it provides a new and endless perspectives and opportunities to artists.

How does your work fit in the contemporary art world?

I think I answered part of this in the last question. Today’s world is the era of digital art and the traditional art cannot stop it. Contemporary artists would be different to their ancestors. For me, using new tools and expressions like combining digital techniques and mixed media provides the opportunity.

Is there anything else you want to tell us?

Family is the most important part of my life. Where I am standing now as an artist is the result of my family’s recognition and support of my artistic ability during my youth which was quite rare in my time. So I started as a professional artist in the early stage of my life when I was only 15. I started working for 10 to 15 hours a day. I worked hard to achieve my goals and now that I turned 30 I have experienced all the things that I wanted to do.


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